Thursday 3 July 2014


So, this is post is a little late considering the majority of people who went to this event posted probably 2 or 3 days ago. However, in-between work this week Ive also been moving house so I think I deserve a little extension.
So as many of you know, last weekend was IMATS and on Sunday me and a friend embarked on our journey to Olmypia, giddy with excitement over our first taste of this annual event.
Armed with a wish list for many of the exhibiting brands including MAC, Bobbi Brown and OCC I considered myself well prepared. The thing I was slightly underprepared for was the sheer amount of people squeezed in to the fairly small exhibition hall. Once I had managed to grab the items I could, I was intending to venture round the hall a second time to take studied views of some of the demonstrations taking place across the booths, however by this time I was so frustrated and hot that we decided to head out for lunch and a much needed alcoholic beverage!

Our first stop of the day was to the Crown Brush stall and I was overwhelmed by the choice. I consider Crown Brush to be a fairly good value brand, the only issue is the not being able to touch and feel the brushes before you buy so being able to have a play with all the different styles was great. I managed to pick up all of these for just £24.

C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush (RRP £9.29), C428 Deluxe Duo Fibre Shadow Brush (RRP £5.49), SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff Brush (RRP £4.99), C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush (RRP £5.19) and C207 Sable Angle Liner Brush (RRP £3.69).

My next little purchase came from the MAC stand, and let me tell you...It was packed. Despite being incredibly busy, they had a very organised system and I wasn't waiting around for ages to be served like I would have expected. On the downside, being the third and final day of the showcase MAC were completely out of everything i had on my wish list. On the plus side, I was able to find a couple things to suppress my disappointment. Ive been wanting to start a MAC Pro palette for a while now, and seeing as they were offering 30% discount for Pro Card holders it seemed the right time to take the plunge!

MAC Pro Palette Large £9.10 (RRP £14.00) and MAC Pro Palette Blush Insert X6 £4.23 (RRP £6.50).

My next purchases came from Bobbi Brown, a brand I have very limited experience with but was none the less very excited about. With 25% off for Student Pro card holders, I treated myself to 3 items Id had my eyes on for while.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual £16.00 (RRP £20.00), Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream £24.80 (RRP £31.00) and Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eye Liner in Black Ink £9.00 (RRP £18.00).
I was absolutely chuffed with getting the Gel liner HALF PRICE???!

My final purchases of the day were from two brands Ive never tried before but heard about time and time again on various blogs.  The OCC counter was rammed, you had to be sneaky to find yourself a spot to swatch the covetable lip tars. I found their tick-off-what-you-want menu system really cute, but seeing as I only really had enough money left to buy one colour, this seemed a slight waste of paper. After about 10 minutes of deliberating, I settled on the OCC Lip Tar in Femme (RRP $18.00) for £10. Zoeva brush company I've seen mentioned in a couple of videos recently so I was intrigued to try one out and the one that appealed to me the most was the Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush (RRP £12.50) which I picked up for £9.

That concludes my London IMATS haul, overall it was fantastic experience although I wish I had taken in more of what was going on around me but theres always next year!

Keep an eye out for my next post on our afternoon trip to Westfield Shepherds Bush.


  1. Your blog is so pretty! I really wanted to go to imats, perhaps I will get to go next year! Lovely post and what you bought looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! It was so good! Ive already got my heart set on going to Salon International this year too! My Olympia Beauty as well. Id better get saving!

  2. Those crown brushes look great, especially the little blending brush, it looks so fluffy. I'd never heard of them before :) xx

    1. Crown brushes are such good value, I love them. The blending brush is probably my favourite of the bunch, its perfect for applying shadow to the crease. its super soft too! :)

  3. Brushes look amazing, would have love to have gone.


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